First version.

"Saturn Walk" is the first, basic version of the app, and it's now available on the App Store (sorry, Android not yet supported). This version shows only the planet Saturn, but it lets you explore all sides of this fascinating world simply by moving your phone around it in 3D. You can also toggle off the “real-world” view, to see a background view of the stars and Milky Way, and the distant Sun as it would appear from Saturn's orbit.

Screenshots from the Saturn Walk app:

IMG_2549 edit.jpg

Longer Term.

The full mobile app, once developed, will be an augmented-reality interface that displays 3D renderings of the solar system's sun, planets and major moons to scale, as well as the dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto, all geo-located to scale along the length of Broadway in Manhattan. Future versions of the app will be configured so as to enable educators to situate a virtual model at any scale, and in any location.

The Broadway Models.

Where would all the physical planet displays go, along Broadway? Find out here →

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