The models of Planet Walk NYC will be arranged so as to allow a small but informative walk for children, an all-day hike for urban athletes, or a subway-hopping adventure for those who wish to see every last display.

The walk from the model of the Sun (at Battery Park) to Earth (at Exchange Alley) and on to Mars (at Trinity Church) will take less than 15 minutes, during which visitors will experience the entire inner solar system. Below is a map of locations for the Sun and the first four planets:

Lower Manhattan map.png
Inner planet icons.png

To continue all the way to Pluto (at the top of Manhattan) and the dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt (in the Bronx) would take most of a day on foot, though the entire Broadway portion of the model would be readily accessible via the ❶ train. Below is a map of the Manhattan portion of the model:

Outer planet icons.png

Additional models, of the three major Kuiper Belt dwarf planets that have recently been discovered, will be placed along Broadway in the Bronx. In fact, models of more distant dwarf planets (and the predicted Planet 9) could be placed in Albany, or further upstate. (Broadway goes all the way to Canada.) Finally, additional models of major planets and their moons are planned for Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens, to show them at different points in their orbits.

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